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Outsource and
Inventory Management

Collaborating with MetalQuest Unlimited, Inc. you’re getting a dedicated team managing internal schedules, supply chain, and customer programs.


Commonly Machined Materials:

MetalQuest Unlimited, Inc. has a dedicated team managing procurement of raw materials, hardware, outside processing, and indirect materials.


Inventory Management


MetalQuest Unlimited, Inc. specializes in both the sourcing and machining of castings, offering comprehensive solutions to meet the needs of their customers. In the sourcing aspect, MetalQuest Unlimited identifies and procures high-quality castings from trusted suppliers, ensuring that the raw materials meet the required specifications and standards. This sourcing process involves careful selection, quality assessment, and strategic partnerships with reliable foundries to guarantee the availability of top-notch castings for machining.

Machining castings requires precision, expertise, and attention to detail. Precision ensures adherence to specifications, expertise optimizes processes and tooling, while attention to detail guarantees consistent quality.

By integrating sourcing and machining services, MetalQuest Unlimited offers a seamless and efficient solution for their customers’ casting needs. From start to finish, they provide a one-stop-shop experience, handling every aspect of the process with expertise and attention to detail.


Ductile Iron (65-45-12)

Gray Iron

ASTM A48 Class 30 & Hybrids


Stainless Steel