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The people who thrive at MetalQuest don’t want a job—they want a career. They want to work with cutting-edge equipment, and they want to work with people who encourage them to get better every single day. They don’t make excuses and won’t accept them from anyone else.

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Benefits and Beyond

Health Insurance

After 30 days as a full time employee, you may join the MetalQuest group health insurance plan through Auxiant. MetalQuest Unlimited pays a significant portion of the employees premium. Employees may elect employee, employee-spouse, employee-child(ren), or employee-family coverage with premiums taken as a pre-tax payroll deduction in a 125 pre-tax plan.

Retirement Plan

Planning for retirement should start while employed. MetalQuest encourages retirement planning by matching dollar-for-dollar employee contributions into a SIMPLE IRA retirement fund, up to a maximum of 3%.

Vacation Pay

After 90 days of service, MetalQuest provides full-time employees with 40 hours of vacation pay. Vacation pay is then accrued on a bi-weekly basis, at a rate dependent on length of service.

Educational Opportunities

MetalQuest is committed to developing a highly-skilled work force, and developing employees to their highest potential. Educational opportunities related to current job duties and for personal advancement are available.

Shift Differential Pay

2nd Shift MetalQuest employees earn a 25% shift differential. Weekend shift employees earn a $4.00 per hour adder.

Jury Duty

MetalQuest provides paid leave less any government compensation for employees summoned to jury duty.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

MetalQuest actively promotes employee safety in all areas of our manufacturing business. Should an accident occur on-the-job causing injury to an employee, please be assured that worker’s compensation coverage is available.

Dental/Vision Insurance

Employees and their families at MetalQuest may participate in dental and vision plans designed to meet their personal needs. Premiums may be deducted from your paycheck using the pre-tax 125 account.

Additional Coverage

Life, vision, disability, cancer, and accident insurance – At MetalQuest, we recognize that one insurance plan will not meet the needs of every employee. Therefore we offer group rates with varying coverage’s to meet our employees and their families needs.

Holiday Pay

MetalQuest recognizes six traditional holidays for paid leave to allow its employees to celebrate with family and friends.

Sick Pay

MetalQuest provides 2 days (16 hours) of paid sick leave per year after first year of employment.

Health Savings Account

MetalQuest employees have the opportunity to participate in a pre-tax savings account for medical expenses. Unlike the traditional cafeteria (125) plans, amounts invested in a health savings account are not on a “use it or lose it” basis, and can be carried over from year to year. A health savings account encourage our employees to save in an interest-bearing account for unforeseen medical expenses. Unexpected medical expenses often cause a financial hardship without such an account.

Bereavement Pay

To ease stress and provide support, MetalQuest offers its employees paid leave for the death of immediate family members.

Military Duty

MetalQuest honors and appreciates our military men and women who make sacrifices to ensure our freedom. MetalQuest employees serving on active duty or in Reserve or National Guard units will have the flexibility to attend all required military training.

The Core Values That Drive Everything We Do


Think it through to get it right.

Keep It Simple

We take pride in finding the simplest way of doing complex work.

Speak Softly

Be humble and let your actions speak louder than your words.

Never Assume

If you like to assume, you like to get things wrong. We ask questions until we know.

The Third Idea

We know our best work happens when two people’s ideas come together to make a third, better idea.

Attention to Detail

If you want to do big things, you have to get each and every little thing right first.

Two Locations, Tons of Opportunity

Hebron, Nebraska

Hayden, Idaho