Manufacturing Integration

We help you be successful as your outsourced vertical integration partner.


Ready to Reshore

We help companies reshore their parts and renew hope in their customers.


Join the Team

If you want to be a part of a team that creates the best products for amazing clients, then we want you. Immediate openings are available across our company that fit your skills and experience.


Production Manufacturing

We specialize in tight tolerance precision machined
component parts, with an emphasis on product line
and part family manufacturing.


Okuma Corporation Lathes and Mills

MetalQuest specializes in complex automated machining
operations, harnessing the power of Okuma’s multi-tasking
lathes, machining centers, collision avoidance systems, and
real-time 3-D imaging and animation.


Capabilities, Skills and Quality : We are MetalQuest Unlimited

Concurrent Precision Machining

We utilize skilled technicians and cutting-edge machines to precisely manufacture products.


Many of our processes are automated and we utilize high-tech machines to get the job done.


We are experts at creating and assembling; we don’t just machine, we assemble too.

Inventory Management

We keep an eye on your inventory by storing and shipping products when you need them.

Lean Culture

Our entire culture is centered around operating efficiently to meet your needs.

Supply Chain Management

We can work with vendors to streamline the just-in-time (JIT) process.

Strategic Partnerships

We place high value on our partnerships with top educators and industry suppliers.

Highly Skilled

Our people are well-rounded, unique individuals who are great at more than just one thing.


Quality is in our DNA, it’s not just what we do or how we do it, it’s who we are.


We’re obsessed with it,
guided by it,
rooted in
and built upon it…

Our Quality Policy

MetalQuest Unlimited, Inc. has integrated a quality management system into its daily operations to assure our customers are receiving top-quality machined component parts. Collectively, we are continually striving to be more efficient and effective. Evaluating processes and continual improvement of our management system is key to maintaining a competitive edge and providing our customers with the “ultimate level of customer satisfaction”. Our goal is to manufacture high quality, cost effective components. When MetalQuest produces a product, you can rest assured we do have a “Quest for Perfection”.

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