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Contract Manufacturing
Solutions You Can Depend On

Stop Letting Your Suppliers Hold You Back

Types of Machining:

  • 3 Axis
  • 4 Axis
  • 5 Axis
  • Precision Turning

Turnkey Solutions:

  • Specialized Processes
  • Sourcing Raw Materials
  • Inventory Management
  • Light Assembly
Inventory Management Capabilities:
  • Blanket Order
  • JIT (Just in Time)
  • Min/Max
  • VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory)

MetalQuest Unlimited offers customized contract manufacturing solutions backed by exceptional customer service. 

Not only do we offer precision machining and assembly services, but we can also source and actively manage your part’s specific special processes, help you with forecasts, manage your inventory, coordinate logistics, and work with your engineers on design for manufacturing (DFM) projects.

Certificate of Registration

ISO 9001:2015 | Registered
by EAGLE Registrations Inc. Hebron, NE

Powered by the latest innovations in automation and a commitment to clear and consistent communication, we have become the go-to supplier for leaders in diverse industries that need their work done right and on time, including oil and gas, agriculture, firearms, construction, and commercial hydraulics.

The secret to the success of our
contract manufacturing solutions?

It isn’t just our expert team or the unrivaled DFM services we provide: it’s that we deliver the parts you need, when you need them, the way you need them – never excuses.

You Deserve Quality Contract
Manufacturing Solutions, Not Excuses

A lot of shops offer machining and assembly services only to show up with excuses when you expect your product. They don’t even tell you they’re going to be late or your product isn’t going to meet the specs they promised, leaving you scrambling to find another supplier to fill these gaps in your supply chain. This causes you a lot of stress you don’t deserve—and means you’re going to disappoint your customers.

Contract Manufacturing
Solutions Designed For You

If you’re looking for a supplier of contract manufacturing solutions, you’re likely dealing with supply chain issues or creating something new. Our customer collaborations are as customized as our final products to ensure you get the service you need.
Whether you want our expert engineers to help refine your designs, develop a long-term strategy, or simply quote a part, we’ll work you in the way that best meets your needs. Every step of the way you can count on clear communication, manufacturing expertise, and dependable delivery.

Custom Contract

Whatever the volume and timeline you need, we take full responsibility for the sourcing of materials, quality of the finished product, and on-time delivery.



Leverage advanced CNC technologies and the power of automation to get machined component parts that hold tight tolerances at the volume you require.



Available assembly services include final product assembly, subassembly, kitting, specialized equipment design for assembly process optimization, control, packaging design, warehousing, and logistics. The approach for each project will be customized to fit your requirements and the project at hand.

Delivery & Vertical Integration

Inventory Management

MetalQuest Unlimited delivers best in class vendor managed services, with dedicated personnel, and specialized expertise.

Contract Manufacturing Solutions
That Actually Solve *Your* Problems

Our definition of success is simple: you get the top-quality parts you want when you need them without any stress. Delivering anything less shows you a lack of respect.

With MetalQuest Unlimited, you’ll get:

Parts made to your
requirements and
Clear and consistent


No excuses.

So stop working with suppliers you have to babysit and
start getting your parts without the stress.

The MetalQuest
Unlimited Process

To get the custom contract manufacturing solutions you deserve, work with a supplier who takes the time to understand your needs, goals, and constraints. Our experts will talk with you to find the right approach based on your unique goals and challenges.

Speak to a Sales Engineer

Speak to a Sales

Talk to our team
about your goals.



Get a unique and optimized production process designed to deliver maximum performance at minimum cost.



Leverage the power of our
cutting-edge technology.

Delivery & Vertical Integration

Delivery & Vertical

Get parts to your customers on time every time when MetalQuest Unlimited manages sourcing and production.

The Latest with MetalQuest

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John Saunders of NYC CNC visited our facility in Hebron, NE to see our manufacturing processes first-hand. He captured a video walkthrough of our shop floor, which he posted to his YouTube channel and titled, “Flock of Fanuc.” His choice of video title stems from the robotic automation we have managed to integrate into our manufacturing processes for higher quality products with faster lead times.

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