Clear and Concise

This logo design for MetalQuest Unlimited is clear, concise, contemporary and complex while remaining simple.


The design is exact, sharp and concise, displaying an attention to detail that illustrates precision with the use of strategic lettering and the overall design elements.


The chosen color and design communicate the skilled labor jobs at MetalQuest. The two shades of blue are contemporary yet classic, and the design isn’t cluttered with unnecessary elements.


There isn’t anything shy about this design. It is very straightforward with confident lines, a centered graphic and thickset text.


This design can be used with or without the text. Once brand identity is established, the shield design can stand alone as a recognizable symbol of your company.


There are several elements of this design that are linked to the culture that’s been established at MetalQuest Unlimited.

  • The main graphic uses sharp edges and matching angles at the center of the design to illustrate that precision and quality are at the center of everything you do.
  • The graphic is in the shape of a shield — symbolic of a quest.
  • The pointed line coming down toward the ‘M’ serves two functions. First, it’s a throwback to the sword in the original logo. Second, it mimics a cutting head which represents MetalQuest’s industry.
  • The ‘M’ at the bottom of the shield also serves two functions. First, it’s the channel being cut by the cutting head. Second, it’s an initial for the company.
  • The text for the name of the company stands on either side of the primary graphic and supports it with a style that matches the contemporary feel and the ‘M’ inside of the shield.
  • The design as a whole works in a variety of contexts without losing clarity or primary elements: full color, black and white, negative, single color, etc.