Capabilities and Expertise

With over 25 years of manufacturing experience,
we're prepared to help you tackle your next challenge.

Precision CNC Machining

We machine metal component parts and assemblies to our customers’ specifications utilizing advanced CNC technologies. Our facilities are equipped with a variety of CNC mills, CNC lathes and CNC multi-tasking machines to hold tight tolerances with high efficiency.


To ensure we deliver quality components at competitive prices, we have integrated multiple Fanuc robots to automate our processes. These include Fanuc LR Mate 200i 6-axis robots with 5-7 kg capacity, a Fanuc M-710iC Top Loading Gantry Robot with 50 kg capacity and Fanuc M20iA20M 6-axis robots with 20-25 kg capacity.

Inventory Management

Our vendor managed inventory (VMI) system supports our inventory forecasting and warehousing capabilities. We manage and execute all inventory logistics from material ordering to drop shipping to achieve just-in-time (JIT) deliveries for our customers.


We offer in-house kitting and assembly and will drop ship fully assembled products directly to your customer. Our customers can rest assured that their assemblies will be constructed according to specifications and handled with the upmost care.

Industries Served

We manufacture precision component parts for many industries, including oil and gas, firearms, agriculture, construction and commercial hydraulics. If your industry is not on this list, we would still be happy to talk to you.

Materials Machined

We have extensive experience machining a wide variety of materials. We work with aerospace aluminums, medium and low carbon steels, gray and ductile cast iron, stainless steels and many more.

Strategic Partnerships

We place high value on our partnerships with top educators, industry suppliers and peers. Maintaining relationships with likeminded industry partners helps us in our continuous improvement path.

Highly Skilled

Our team is full of well-rounded, uniquely talented individuals with attention to detail and passion for what they do. We select new employees with extreme care to ensure that we maintain a well-oiled team and great company culture across the board.


Producing quality parts for our customers is at the forefront of everything we do. Our quality department is supported by a skilled team and the best equipment for each job we take on.

Our Proccess

With over 25 years of manufacturing and machining experience, we have dialed in a proven process that ensures quality and efficiency to the highest degree. For all of our customers, our team is able to manage a project’s logistics from start to finish. Our capabilities include everything from managing material orders to outsource and subcontract vendors to inventory management.

The MetalQuest Difference


We combine traditional manufacturing practices with modern methods to provide our customers with the most intelligent manufacturing solutions.


Our deep understanding of machining and manufacturing processes is built on years of experience. For over two decades, MetalQuest has manufactured precision metal components and assemblies utilized by companies across the globe.


Our skilled employees are passionate about manufacturing quality products for our customers. In all areas of our company, we strive to maintain an atmosphere of continual learning, and we expect nothing short of excellence.

Process Innovation

We approach every new project with maximum quality and efficiency at the forefront, which drives our development of innovative manufacturing solutions.


MetalQuest is a technology-driven company dedicated to continually improving and evolving our manufacturing processes. We become more efficient by seeking knowledge about the latest manufacturing technologies, with the goal to provide innovative and effective solutions for our customers.